Monday, 4 June 2012


Growing up,I always felt a little jealous of my elder brother.I always wished I would grow up quickly,and enjoy all the freedom in life,being alone,going to the movies with friends,pocket money,et al.And it was a never ending phase,because when I became what he was,he would move on another step and become even more awesome,making all my years of waiting seem worthless.
Hence,when he graduated and started working,started being independent,I just couldn't wait for the day I would I start earning.And now that I am living the phase which I had been dreaming about since the last 9 odd years,I have realized that it is nothing like what I had anticipated for.

For any teen,my life would like a fairy tale story.Still in my early 20s,working for of the top IT company in the country,staying in the city that never sleeps,friends who specialize in douchiness;yes,I live the dream.People find it hard to fathom,how someone can still be frustrated with such a life !
I used to feel the same,when my brother had started working.I would laugh at him,when he cribbed about his job.I would say,"How can you hate this?I can't wait for this phase of my life to begin !"

It started off the way I had always dreamt it would be like.It was a high.But then,the roller-coaster just decided to go for a plunge and never return.And,I knew,to be precise,like Leonard would say it,"I was attached to another object by an inclined plane,wrapped helically around an axis !"

World was shrunk to a size of 10x10;word/excel/paint was where I was immersed in;cell-phone and instant messengers were one of the most hated things,because of the constant work related calls/pings;changes were no longer inevitable,they were only requests;but the most difficult thing to do was to explain people,who knew nothing about my work,my work so that I can get their approval,to do my work.
Being saturated with frustration,PG seemed the only way out of this hell.But fate had some other plans.It seemed as if I had,the Sadim Touch.Tried to start preparing for MS,suddenly rupee decided to take plunge.Tried to quit,job security became the primary aim,in the tumbling economy.Tried to start preparing for MBA,government decided to make admission test common all over the country.

With no choice but to continue with the job at hand,I struggle to see the path ahead,try to survive in the rat race,where sycophancy is the way of life.I sit there,seeing my youth being wasted,at a rate of 12 hours/day.