Tuesday, 25 November 2014

A musical journey

A random thought sprung my mind,as to why most Linkin Park fans are in their early teens,or why Floyd is the elixir for most mid-life crisis struck lot.I tried to link music with age or better,the phase of transformation through life in general.(What happened next is going to shock you!)At these junctures of transformation,I could see a shift in the musical inclination as well.

Usually commencing on the onset of adolescence,this phase is love laden.This is when so start noticing girls around you,and you fall in "love".Shes the cutest girl in school.Shes the one for you.Your life revolves around your endless efforts to get her attention.Some fortunes ones even have the courage to walk up and speak with them,but the rest are limited to the endless bouts of teasing.Oh,yeah and this is when you start listening to Backstreet Boys,Boyzone and all the classic ballads,because well she likes them!

Enter adolescence,the cute girl is no longer is picture. You've moved on,and you are kind of lost.And one fine day you come across Linkin Park,you know you've found the somewhere,where you truly belong.Every teenager is self-proclaimed biggest Linkin Park fan.(Rawk rulez!)Rest are Eminem fans,because there's a little Slim Shady in all of us.
Every person listening to boy bands is a noob,failing to realize that a couple a years back you were that noob in "love".

You then graduate to Metallica,Maiden,Sabbath as you are passed your teen years.Testosterone levels are off the charts,which is why you can relate to the head-banging,double bass and palm muted riffs.You are young,reckless,no responsibilities,fuck the authoritah!
Some further down the metal line into Cannibal Corpse,Bodom.Mosh is probably one word which brings out your happy face!
There is always this one girl who you know is going to fuck you up,but you want her anyway.Shes the kick you need.You are going to break the rules for her.And pretty soon you are going to end up owing your first drink to her.
Linkin Park?! How the fuck can you listen to that shit? And rock? Oh God please,Linkin Park is Nu-Metal,NOT ROCK!

Pretty soon you'll feel the weight of the world on your shoulders.It's when you end up home after a 20 hour work day or when the love of your life is going to turn you down,when you remember that one friend who was always there for you;who's in another time-zone now,probably going through the same shit as you,is when you are going to feel pinch in,"Wish you were here".
Floyd is an epitome of genius,muscially.You might have heard Floyd zillions of times before,but there comes a time when their words start making sense to you.You've made peace with life,you've matured.
Floyd are probably like your parents,whom you've kept listening to all your life,but its only now you know what they mean.

You still have the occasional encounter with your past,but look at them in a different light.You forgive them for their St. Anger!