Saturday, 13 April 2013


They say first times are real hard to let go,first love,first house,first car(you get the point).
My first 15 seconds of fame is a similar case.It was all makeshift,but it has etched itself onto me.

There I was cheering on to this band which called itself Makeshift,while they rocked my socks off.Little did I know that I'd soon be a part of them.
So like the name suggested,the band was makeshift,which lead-bass-vocalist being permanent members,whilst the rhythm and drummer were added to line-up later on.Anyway,trying to be a groupie,it spilled out that they were in search for a rhythm guitarist and I happened to be one.One thing led to another,and an audition later,woohoo,I was officially part of Makeshift!

Pretty soon it was practice time,as we were nearing our college's "Rock Show".There we were,a vocalist,a bass,a lead and a rhythm,but no sign of a drummer.A few calls here and there,and we found a drummer,a freaking metal drummer,with a shinny Tama kit,and then shit just got real!

A whole week off from lectures,practicing,cursing,laughing,lame-ass wannabe air-guitaring,gate-crashing our drummer into the college premises,head banging,a cutting chai at the end of it,discussing about shit,getting home,practicing even more,Nirvana,Floyd,Maiden ringing in head the whole day,and night,ain't nothing better than that.

D-Day,hands shivering(I swear it was the air-conditioning),and sweating at the same time(again,the air-conditioning)and we go back stage saying,"Lets not shit out  there and lets have some fun.In God we trust,and Rock we must(Anna you effing genius)".
There was I was watching my band perform Yellow,waiting anxiously to get on stage.The song ended and I made my way onto stage,and was handed my axe.Plugged it,checked sound levels,thumbs up and we were good to go.

Drummer gave count and I to a pin drop silence,I started my Smells Like riff,and holy fuck,wheres the sound.Nightmares-nightmares!
Anna stepped onto my processor a few seconds before start and detached my main cable.(Anna,kutte!)
Plugged in again,got the count again,and this time it smelled like teen spirit!

Nirvana-Deep Purple-Maiden,we did it all.And the best part,most of it,like our band was makeshift.A day or so before the performance,we were just sitting,talking,and suddenly someone plays Hallowed,drummer starts off,bass starts,and hold on,lets cover this.And just like that,Maiden made it to our list.And it didn't stop there."Abbe Fear of the dark karte hai,dekh aaise..",and before we knew it,another Maiden song got onto the list.

Sure I sucked,I shit a lot.At one point in Maiden,I even let go off my guitar and joined Anna on the mic,and sure as hell sucked at vocals as well,but who gave a fuck?I was high,high on this elixir called music.Those 30 odd mins,sublime.

Year two was even more better as Makeshift had for change 5 permanent wannabes.I even said lets change our name to something else.Mother-Haggers,Make-Shit,among others were my prominent suggestions.
Year two saw us headlining the "Rock Show",but that wasn't the real deal.The set list we had planned was the effing reason why I was so looking forward to the show.
Zero,The Doors,Pink Floyd,Metallica,GnR,we had planned out on everything.Heck,I was doing the leads on an instrumental.Heck heck,my lead let me take the limelight!(This is primarily why I respect you guys so much,we never had any ego clashes,it was always about music).

Jam sessions were even more better,even more heavier,even more fun,and yet full of shit!
We still followed cutting chai discussion at the end of the day.

D-Day all over again,hands shivering and sweating,again(darn you air-conditioning),the same prayer again,and we were at it again!
Same shit,same high,only much-much longer and better.The set list just kept getting better,and then we reached the penultimate performance,"Emosonal Attyachar".And,the whole place went gone nuts.I had never witnessed something of that magnitude.This one couldn't have been topped,and we called it off without the Metallica medley(saalon,kutton!).

At the end of it,packing up our stuff,I realised something.This was my last year with Makeshift.As much as I was high on the performance,this fact hit me somewhere.
Two years of memories flashed before me.All the music we played,all the music we talked about,all the shit we talked about,all the nicknames we made,all the noobs we made fun of,every freaking thing!

Sure,I went on without you guys the next year,sure I enjoyed,sure I got high,but it wasn't Makeshift!
The jams weren't the same.The double bass was missing.The Papdipoop wasn't there.
Anna's on-stage antics weren't there(No one can make the crowd go wild,the way you do),no Matrix moves(Sridharan),I relied on tabs rather than my ears(Ambuj),no more kick-ass drumming(Mukul).

Kutton,we need to jam.Get your asses back here!