Sunday, 22 March 2015

I had a dream..

.. onsite!

Yes, like an average Joe growing up this was one of dreams(Main coding karke Amreeka jaunga!).Well that, and becoming a guitarist and a footballer, and have a girlfriend(Nothing unusual, right?). For the first to materialize, I had to be a "successful engineer", and to be a successful engineer from Mumbai University(Well this statement can be completed!)
So given that I am an engineer from MU, you pretty much know what happened to other dreams.

Anyway, I decided to pursue the one dream which still wasn't shattered. Life as we know it is a biatch, which is why I was assigned to an internal project.
As I watch every other Tom, Dick and Harry's check-in at airport, I calmed myself saying just 632 days more.(Apparently there is an unwritten rule wherein you have signed a bond for 2 years against a project).

Some(most) of me mates lost their way and moved away from IT. The rest opted for paid onsite aka, MS(Amreeka toh jaana hi hai!). Not me though. I was determined!
So 730 days later, I was officially released from the unofficial bond and was a step closer to Amreeka!

Enter,biatch life! Thankfully not another internal project, but onsite? Get in the queue mister!(The most common reply). Anywho, preparing for interviews, getting back to the basics of coding, I finally managed to the bag a project wherein my dream could be realized. "Yes, an onsite is guaranteed*"(The * wasn't quite visible on telephonic interviews though).

I struggled through the project,while I was hanging myself on someone else's words, dying to believe in what I've heard. As the days slip by from my window watching.
It seemed like a meaningless fight. I knew the moment had arrived. I laid to rest the one last dream,I had as a child. A decade long dream, euthanized.
Thank you life. Thou art a heartless bitch!

"You tried and you failed miserably.The lesson is never try" - Homer Simpson