Wednesday, 9 March 2011

1st Day at work - Andheri Part

.. So now,we were told to travel to Andheri,and report to our respective RMG.As we left,we met,hugged our friends,said our good byes to people who were supposed to report to different locations,and off we went.

Everyone divided themselves into groups,rushed towards the nearest rickshaw yelling 'Mulund Depot',as if we were in Amazing Race.10-15 mins later,as everyone reached Mulund Depot,the same thing was repeated,"Kaka,Andheri kaunsi bus jayegi".Now the 'BEST' part about this was everyone conductor/driver had a different & an unique answer for this question,and according to them,the other buses aren't supposed to go to Andheri.
Dazed and confused,everyone agreed on one solution,food :D
After quenching their thirst(for water),and satisfying their hunger(for food),everyone headed back to the stop,eagerly waiting for a bus.As soon as the bus arrived,everyone rushed in,just as kids rush out of the school gates,at the end of the day.The driver,conductor flummoxed by whats happening,started wondering if they were been hijacked.More than half the bus was occupied by us,as if were out on a school trip.

After about an hours time,it started to get noisy,as i was woken up from my sleep and i realized we were near.As we went past the buildings,i started liking the place,thinking maybe its better i got it in Andheri.And the moment i laid my eyes on a Subway outlet,i fell in LOVE with the place,and i prayed to get my location as Andheri.A minute later,our stop arrived,and as we started alighting,the bus started becoming taller.

As i gazed towards the building,i realized this shall be 'my office' for the next two years.More than that,a Subway outlet,a minute away from the place excited me even more :D.As we entered the building,flashing our ids towards guards,we called up our respective RMG,only to realize,they were out for lunch.So,we too went towards the cafeteria.Seeing the menu,i started liking the place even more.

Post lunch,half sleepy we went in search of our RMG.After a little bit of searching we finally found the cubicle,our RMG was supposed to be.Seeing an empty cubicle,i wondered how much time do these people get as a lunch break?.After inquiring,we found out that the person was reporting to the Powai office today.So,we called up and were told to report at Powai.
Now the fact the there is a possibility of being posted in Powai for the next 2 years,brought the biggest smile on my face for the day :)

We paid the cafeteria a last visit and bid adieu to the nice place,as 5 of us left for Powai ..

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