Saturday, 10 December 2011

A year on ..

Last year,this day,I was a different person.

A naive fellow,who was just done with his graduation,finished all the sitcoms,movies and games on his portable,who couldn't wait to start working in the IT industry.IT industry at that time was like a fairy tale,a 5 day week,8 hours of work,friday night parties with team and a handsome salary at the end of the month.Not to forget,the onsite opportunity in just a couple of years.Yes,thats what the guy had always imagined the IT industry to be like.Little did he know his life was going to turn turtle,and shatter his tale,in just a couple of months.

The first 3 months was just what I had imagined it to be.5 days of "work" a week,outing on weekends,hogging with friends,football,mafia,movies.And the best part,we were getting paid for it.Oh,how I loved those days.Little did I know that was the just the lull before the storm that was headed my way.

About a month into the training,we were asked to put in a preference for our base branches along with the stream of choice.Without even a moment's hesitation,I opted for Mumbai,and Java,the latter only because it the maximum seats for the former.At that moment,it seemed like the perfect choice.
Heck,I even tried my friends to opt for Mumbai and Java.But they were skeptical.I considered them as fools to let go off such an opportunity.
And since I was still living in the fairy tale world,I could see myself signing my visa papers in a couple of years,with that choice.
Looking back,I realize,I was just signing off my soul.

A year on,things have changed,drastically.Words no longer mean,what they used to.

KT is synonym with every engineer.No point in explaining !
Well,now it means the times when you need to sit after work and have your dose of knowledge transfer.

PL the month before exam,where the first 26 days were spent on movies,sitcoms and games,and the next 4 days searching/buying books and "trying" to study.
Now,it means the person who makes you work for 26 days,so that you realize the importance of the 4 days.

Deadline during engineering meant the day you need to start doing your work.
Now,it means the day you need to finish your work,get it tested,fix all the bugs and move it onto production.

The happiest time of your day,whether you were at your home,or in college.
Now,its a term,which is almost driven into oblivion.

But,somethings are still the same.
-All the good looking girls are in the other projects/buses/buildings and are committed.
-You still snooze your alarm and wake up to your mom's yelling.
-You still can't figure where your money goes.
-You hate what you do,and you wish you'd be doing something else.
-You still want to watch the next Himesss Resamiyaa movie.

All said and done,there are a couple of things I've learned over the year.
-Writing emails.
-How to get your work done.I've have mastered the art of 'cc'-ing a mail,and keeping people in the loop.
-Keyboard shortcuts and impeccable speed with alt+tab.
-Working with MS Excel.

If anything,this year has been an eye-opener,a preview of what your life is going to be.Lets hope I make mends with it.
Till then,I'll enjoy my first appraisal and hope some a good looking trainee joins my team. :)


  1. make do with 'elixir' called 'LIFE' :)

  2. Elixir..cannot be a 'compromise' ! Looking for a blissful life? Imbibe it and see all the ups and downs forming an intricate pattern with reasons and motives forming a cobweb called 'destiny'..and the wonderful part of this drink is you are in your senses to take the right decisions and take the responsibility for the wrong ones taken! :)

    .. so then lets propose a toast to 'Life is Beautiful!' :)

    P.S. I suggest you wait for life to unfold its ulterior motive.. and meanwhile enjoy the ride to an unknown destination

  3. I ain't saying elixir is not a compromise .. but settling for it surely is.

    True you always learn from your wrong decisions,and agreed,life will eventually reveal its true meaning,but it feels as if its taking forever .. Hopefully,it'll set in the right path soon.

    Oh and .. sláinte!

  4. Nice one!!:)I think our's is a zero glamor industry....except maybe the HR and management side..I talk to my PC more than people these days...But yes the past year has been quite an experience and our formal introduction to how politically people think(Everyone is not a nice person as we assumed till college days)
    PS:All the good looking guys are also in the other projects/buses/buildings and are committed!!:)

  5. so basically,we are the only suckers of the IT industry ? :P

    P.S. : thats what the chicks over here used to complain .. then I joined the project !