Sunday, 8 September 2013


"I like you <insert your name here>,but as a friend.I hope you understand."
Face it,90% of you guys out there must've heard this one atleast once.

So I was having a casual conversation with an esoteric friend as to why girls like to friendzone us so much.Her reply,to my amazement,and I am quoting her,"It feels kinda incest to be dating a friend.It just feels weird."
Incest?So just because you know someone,you know their habits,you make fun of clumsy ones with them,they suddenly related to you by blood?!

Okay,incest not in the literal terms,but what she meant was,girls feel weird to date someone they know,someone say friend.
So exactly how is this supposed to go in that case?
Say I see a cutie at the bus stop,should I keep staring at her,get in the same bus as her,go up to her and say,"Well hey,I find you cute,and since we aren't friends,there's nothing to feel weird about going out with me!"

What I don't get is girls keep complaining about the fact that guys aren't as romantic as the ones portrayed in romantic movies.Well,aren't those the same movies tell you that the best partner you can have is one who is your friend?So,why the differentiation?

I don't mean to deride,what I really want to know is how is a guy supposed to ask someone out,he knows,if you girls find it weird.
You aren't going to like someone just by looking at them for the first time.Its going to be gradual thing.You are going to talk,you will make fun of them,they'll make fun of you,you'll curse them,you cry with them,you'll cry because of them,you laugh together.Only then would you feel comfortable being with someone,wouldn't you?
Or,is the love at first sight thing not a myth?

And if you are one of those who would feel weird dating a friend,let them know,when you know hes into you.
No guy is going to stay up into the night,listening to what you shopped for,or trying to put a smile on your face 24x7,or change just coz you told him to.No,seriously,we never change,unless its again,another woman in our lives,mom,who emotionally blackmails us!
So when you get these "subtle" hints,tell him,"Dude,better back-off before I friendzone you!",and save us the horrors,and probably a friend too! :)

And please,don't ever do this to anyone!
(Video credits : TheViralFeverVideos)


  1. Finally the wait ends!! always hilarious post,ending lines and bus stop episode were beyond perfect!:)
    Firstly ,esoteric conversations not to be taken seriously,most of it doesn't make sense:D.Secondly,it is every girls dream that her guy also doubles as her best friend,however it gets a lil complicated and difficult on our part to accept a changing relation...Like you've been best friends for donkey years and suddenly if the guy starts hitting on u,that can be downright weird.
    As you say,hints are plenty.Communication is the key,if ur sure u can never feel that way about your chaddi buddy,just let him know before screwing his brains further..and if you are that lucky bitch who feels the same,go have that perfect fairytale ending:D

  2. You evil monster,finding humour in a guy being heart-broken! :P

    Esoteric conversations make perfect sense .. They make realize why I am still single,and why I should be happy about that fact ;)
    And your second part,I still say,I can't understand girls,and to some extent I am glad I don't!