Sunday, 29 May 2011

January at Ahmedabad(Integration)

Home is where heart is.Having being under the conception,that I'd left mine in Mumbai for almost a month,the 3 day visit back made me realized that mine had shifted base to Ahmedabad.The journey back to Ahmedabad didnt seem as gloomy as it did the first time around.
Travelling with pals means no sleep.And reached 'home' at like 5 in the morning left us no time to sleep in the morning either.

Like promised,I got home-made chicken for savangs,who'd been missing home-made food.The only problem being those lazy asses were in deep sleep,and were in no mood to wake up that early.I'd been eyeing the chicken for as long as I could remember,and that sexy thing was trying to seduce me into gluttony.I tried to look at it like a stream of System.out statements,that is what probably saved it from me.
Danny Boy was the first to respond to the array of missed calls and called me over to the canteen.The situation didn't change much there either,as the two of us kept staring at the food,while waiting for the others.5-10 mins of waiting and dozen calls and messages later,we lost our patience and started hogging along with few others.

After probably the delicious breakfast in like a month,and still dazed,I got ready for the 1st day of the Integration Phase.Though all my fellow Mumbaikars were there with me,the fact that RP,BP,Danny weren't gonna be there wasn't all that pleasing.
Early to the 'Learning Room',we waited for our new facilitator,as I prayed for the person to be a hot chick ;).
To everyone's surprise,a boy not older than us,whom no one had ever seen before,entered the room.Before anyone could understand hey kon 'ale',pawan ke jhoke jaise,the lad introduced himself as our facilitator.Though he wasn't a hot chick like I wanted him to be,he seemed like a nice no kit-kit guy,and I'd make do with that.The shy guy was then made to(forced to) sing later.
After fun and games came java sessions,during which I made up for my loss of sleep from the previous night.

The initial few days were nothing more than java and few songs.God,how I missed those A-44 days.It was only after a week or so that everyone really gelled in and sessions started becoming fun.'Maar hi dalogey' and 'Mafia' were the two most frequently used words in the class.Soon chocolate boy also started joining us for our "sessions". All this and occasional frivolous mails to RP and the rest made the Integration Phase seem worthwhile.
Evening shifts were alloted to batches.No more getting up in the cold morning.Tuck yourself in the blanket till 10.Get up,have a nice breakfast,play football,have lunch and then office.And theres more.Evening shift meant office for 7 hours and salary for 9 hours worth of "work".Life couldn't have been any better !
A weekend trip to Diu,was the icing on the cake.It also made two new people enter our batch,viz.,Pressy and Nelly.

But,the very next week,our heaven was taken away from us,when after enjoying a week of evening shift,we were made to work in the general shift again.Zaina !
The night of 25th marked the 1st Gig of AHD-10 batch.Armed with 2 guitars,a makeshift drum kit with a C# snare,a tabla and 20-odd vocalist,we screamed,yelled,sweared and sang our way into the night,and also into the guard's ears.He was quick to respond with his usual dialogue of,"Aapka employee id do".But a session of singing and he melted like butter,and left without bothering to note down our ids."Bass awaaz kam rakho",was his advice and we continued yelling to the strumming and drumming.
Still the soft skills sessions full of fun,mafia and maar hi dalogey kept us company with chocolate boy's java sessions.
Weekend meant a time to step out into the city.Some went shopping,others went for movie.An awesome movie,a bite of Subway after months and a half decent laser show,marked our last weekend of being dependent,as the following week was going to be our first salary day.

31st January 2011,was a special day for all of us.Our first salary was to be credited on that day.Finally,after almost 45 days of waiting,our accounts were finally ready to get rid of the size zero diet.Excited,we all logged into our accounts,but to our disappointment,our accounts didn't hog the way we expected them to.The next 10-15 mins were mostly cries of swears and disappointment,as people were trying to figure out where exactly the money had gone.(6 months on,the story still remains the same).
Disappointed,angry,denounced,I tried to console myself,as though not what I expected it to be,it still was,and will always be my 'First Pay Slip',and we headed out,to splurge our first salary :).

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