Saturday, 11 June 2011

Feb-Brewery in the Dry State

With our bank accounts no longer reading 0,we realized that we had crossed another milestone,probably left with a couple more before finally reaching the destination,marking the end of the journey.With this thought,we ushered in the last month of the most wonderful phase of our lives.

Trying to look at the glass being half full,I tried to enjoy the remaining time as much as I could.Matarani,Nagpuja were soon passé.Chocolate Room,Sardars,Punjab King was the place be.Late night gigs,with makeshift drumkit,weekend trips,movies,awesome dinner at awesome places,Subway,shopping,football,staying awake,chaas with Prasad,Ice-cream with Ishan,Tinku Jiya and no studying was what all the month was about.

The very first weekend was a royal trip to Udaipur.Weekdays were usually full of Mafia and Maar hi daloge.What started off as a relaxed month,started gaining momentum when suddenly test dates,project submissions were announced.Weekends were suddenly replaced by 'Head First',till your head burst.All this and my BI were enjoying weekends,and I started to wonder if I had done the right thing by opting for Java.
It was the last day for Chocolate Boy,and we gave a much deserved farewell.Chocolate boy became more chocolate-ier by a coat of chocolate,as working professionals had turned into college buffoons,again.
It was a night of uncensored,Chaas with Prasad as our beloved Chocolate Boy was asked questions way beyond his wildest imaginations.A night of heart break for the chicks,as their Chocolate Boy was no longer going to be meeting them.Really wished that he could have "hang on" a little while longer.

Still managed to sneak out for an evening of shopping,a frivolous rhyme duel with Bitiya Rani & Cool Aunty,a ride full of 'emptiness',awesome dinner and nice ride back to the hostel in the cold,while ogling at Deepika Padukone.First real experience of splurging,and it was sheer bliss.
The following day was Valentines Day,and the whole whole place was dressed in red.Apart from making a few couples,the day was just another day at the office.

Days were passing at the speed of light,as we had reached the last week of our stay.With the end of exams and project demos,we had the last weekend to ourselves.A DJ night with decent music,decent food,but awesome company was the last of our weekends together.Even better was the 1 am walk of almost 2 kms from the place to the hostel.But the day wasn't over for us yet,as the guards caught us.K-Pill and our security guy talked us out of the situation in what probably what was our last tussle with the security.
The next day we toured the city from one corner to the other,in search of a decent movie.Totally disgruntled by the movie,we decided to go in for another one,and yet another one after that.Shame though,as we could not execute the plan.Sunday was study day,as we were left one final test.

Last week was morning shift,and 2 pm marked the end of office hours.This left us with whole evening for movies.A class picture at the end of the day,and we were off to another movie,the next day and we had now officially seen all the movies that had been released during that time.
It ain't over till it is over,and that is what happened as we were given a last minute project,just so that we could not wile away our time on Mafia.Though no one really bothered on completing it.

And just like that,it ended.End of a phase,as we headed back to our hometown,though mentally we were still there,lost somewhere in Infocity.

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