Thursday, 14 July 2011

Enough is enough

Yet another terror attack,lives lost,no clue on who is behind the attacks,investigations under way,and all we get is a salute to the spirit of Mumbai ?
Seriously man,grow up! Be in our shoes for a day.

You are working,and suddenly a there are people talking about an explosion.You go online,till then theres another one.You confirm the news,and you realise its not one,not two,but three explosions.You check the places,you realise that your near and dear are present there,at that time.You try to call them,you cant get through,because the networks are jammed.You try calling your home,to no avail.There you are,sitting in your office,clueless about things happening around,and you feel helpless.You can't do anything but wait,wait till someone calls you and says,"We are all right over here".You heart-rate doubles,you wanna just hear that person's voice,but you cant.

Do you ever feel you'd have to experience the same?
NO !
Why ?
Because you travel in a bulletproof car,with state-of-the-art 24x7 security,funded by OUR HARD-EARNED MONEY.
You dont have to worry about being on a train,or waiting for a bus,or getting into a cab.Neither do you have to worry about your loved ones being anywhere in the proximity of the same.
For once imagine your kid is supposed to be in college,following his usual routine.You hear about a blast in the area,and you are not sure if you kid is still there,or if he/she is home.You try to call,networks jammed.You try to call home,same thing.
Godforbid if you lose a dear one,would you still sit there and say "I salute the spirit of Mumbai.Lets get back to our normal routine and show them how it didnt affect us."

People have lost their sense of security.You never know if you'd reach home back at night,when you leave in the morning.When you hear about a blast in a bus/train,you are still forced to take the same bus/train your way back home.You have your heart in your mouth.You pray and wish the bus/train isn't rigged to blow up.You don't know if the bag right above you is someone's luggage or a ticking time-bomb.
Ironically,the safest individual in Mumbai is someone who proved that Mumbai isn't safe.He is living a regal life,funded by taxpayers.
Why is he still there?
Ever imagined how a person who lost their dear one because of such a person feels when they realise he is still alive ? 

All the working individuals out there,what if you don't do your work promptly,does your boss just sit there?
He doesn't,right ?
So why are we just sitting there ?
I might know much on the working,but there are individuals who do.
There should be transparency in the system.We want to know where our tax money is going.
We want to feel secure.We need peace of mind that we are travelling in a bus/train,not a hearse.

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